My Arabian Almanakh, a gardening journal for Arabia, seeks to bring us closer to the seasons of nature and to observing the natural world around us. Through gardening guidance, you will learn how to grow and maintain healthy, thriving green spaces.

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The pages of this journal have been printed on Eural Offset 100% recycled uncoated paper. Eural paper is manufactured at the Papeteries du Bourray Mill in Le Mans, France.

Why did we choose Eural paper, even though it is an added cost?

  • 63% less energy consumption compared to a virgin fibre paper.
  • 49% less water consumption compared to a virgin fibre paper.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions 38% (Eural Offset) compared to virgin fibre paper.
  • The water is recycled many times during the production process.
  • The paper is de-inked using chlorine free natural materials.
  • The de-inked pulp is produced on site.
  • Neither process uses bleaching or chemical treatments.



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