Soul in the City

Your soulful guide to survive and thrive in the city.

Now more than ever we’re noticing the subtle, yet incessant, effect of being disconnected from ourselves. In this age of technology and information, we are at risk of being easily distracted and influenced, and losing a moment-to-moment connection to ourselves. As a result, we’re finding it hard to know what we really want, how to make it happen, and our motivation for doing so. The hustle and heat of city life calls us to leave the noise behind and look within to find the skills, knowledge, and energy we need to make ourselves happy and whole. Learn HOW to survive and thrive in the city in this easy-to-read guidebook. Kira Jean, a modern day mentor for those on the path to peace, shares how she changed her life and went from depressed and burnt out to living a blissful and balanced life. Kira teaches her exact tools and techniques for creating long-lasting change and building a beautiful life from the inside out. Kira’s approach to life is “in the middle”, and she brings this to life in Soul and the City by offering soulful, yet practical, stories and strategies to help you find relief from stress, concern, confusion, and feeling lonely or unsettled. It’s YOUR time to thrive. And it is time for more #SoulintheCity.



"Girls Do Good: A colorful guide to changing the world with stories of real-life superheroes" sets out to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a "good girl". Our world is filled with amazing stories and for our audience of socially-conscious thinkers and future peace-builders, we’ve captured a few of our favorite stories in a beautifully illustrated print and digital coloring book. With forewords by Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leymah Gbowee, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create an everlasting impact in the lives of girls and boys around the world. Using the latest technology, reader's can bring the stories to life through augmented reality and color-in the pages on their mobile devices or tablet.