My Arabian Almanakh, a gardening journal for Arabia, seeks to bring the reader closer to the seasons of nature and to the natural world. The journal is fully illustrated with relevant facts and tips, and guides the reader through a 16 months process to grow and maintain healthy, thriving green spaces. Its focus is on regenerative living – growing one’s own food, using natural pesticides, and planting what is natural to the environment and is, therefore, sustainable.

My Arabian Almanakh is a collaborative project between four women in the UAE united in their love of nature. Laura Allias, the lead authors, was a hospitality professional for over twenty-five years before turning her attention and passion to growing good, honest food. She has been involved in practicing and teaching Natural Farming through various NGOs in South Africa and Europe. While living in Dubai, she studied the natural environment of the Arabian Peninsula and was able to develop and adapt her Natural Living methods to suit the desert environment with the goal to protect it.


Size: 7x10in

Published: Oct 2017

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