Press Play Bundle

A teenager’s guide to moving forward in life and becoming the drivers’ of their own success.

Press Play empowers teenagers to become the drivers of their own success, helping them to be more resilient and resourceful. The book addresses forty of the most prevalent real-life issues teenagers are facing today, and provides them with a range of techniques, skills and tools, to enable them to confidently deal with these issues and move forward successfully in their lives. With over fourteen years of experience in education and professional coaching, Bonnar has seen what support is needed for the youth of today and has successfully provided the answer to it with Press Play. She has an unmatched ability to reach young people, equipping them with the necessary skills to move beyond fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, and insecurities, and take independent action towards creating success in their lives.


Press Play Journal

While writing her coaching book for teenagers, Press Play, Linda realised that not every teenager would be affected by the issues covered within the book, so she created the Press Play Journal to be something that every single teenager or even adults could benefit from! In the Press Play Journal, you are guided through journaling activities for thirty days. There’s a daily gratitude section along with a self-reflection task too, which are both designed to encourage you to be mindful, and to think, plan, take action on issues, and move forward with your life.


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