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Twenty-two-year-old Summer is a force to be reckoned with. She’s funny, she’s stubborn, she’s clever, and she’s very opinionated on life as a millennial Muslim woman. The only problem is that she is dead.

When her younger sister, Sara, finds Summer’s lifeless body on their bathroom floor, Summer can only watch as a devastated Sara calls the rest of her family to announce her death. With no way back to her body and no idea how she died, Summer remains a helpless observer as members of her devoted, dysfunctional family come back home to bury her – and her secrets.

As Summer pieces together the events of the night before, she starts unravelling her whole life: the fabric of her British-Omani-Zanzibari family, the culture clashes, the depression that dogged her for years, and the childhood trauma that changed her forever…

Riveting and heart-breaking, Summer’s haunting story is one you will never forget.


197mm x 130mm, paperback, 312 pages

ISBN: 978-9948-8778-3-7

Launch date: September 23, 2022

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