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Here at The DWC, we take privacy seriously. Whatever you share about yourself or your books is entirely up to you. However, if you're going to be an active member in The DWC community and commenting in The DWC Bookstore we ask that you keep it clean and kind and treat our members and all those linked to our organisation with respect, understanding, and tolerance. Everyone should feel comfortable and welcomed to participate in discussions about our Books without the risk of being flamed, insulted, or put down. While we encourage helpful feedback and constructive critique of The DWC, its services, and on the public books in The DWC Bookstore, blanket insults, fictitious or inaccurate accusations, and overly hateful posts or comments will be removed. We want your experience with The DWC to be as fun, supportive and safe as possible. Never post any account-sensitive information on any of our platforms, especially order IDs, passwords, street addresses, and phone numbers.




We support our Authors to no end and offer a range of promotional services to help you spread their work far and wide. Promoting your book detail page on any of our web-based platforms is not only allowed, but very much encouraged. However, posts and comments about miracle weight-loss pills and get-rich-quick schemes are not and may be removed. Also, regardless of its validity, posting the same message over and over across different threads or on different books is considered spamming. In short, we don’t allow advertisements or spam of any kind. If you come across any ads or spam on our platforms, let us know and we'll get rid of it.




Plain and simple: It's against the law to post any copyrighted or trademarked material unless you're the owner of said copyright or trademark. If it's not yours, don't post it.




Any comments using inappropriate language will be removed immediately but may be subject to strict laws prohibiting inappropriate or abusive language in The United Arab Emirates.




We love to hear your thoughts. Please send any community or website-related ideas, critiques, and compliments to