Regardless of where your suitcase goes next, you can cultivate a feeling of home in the place it matters mostyourself.

How do you navigate the changes that come with moving across the country, or perhaps perpetually around the globe? While #digitalnomad posts on Instagram may show the glamorous side of traveling somewhere new, the reality is often one of loneliness, alienation, and internal struggle.

When Rachael left Toronto for Dubai, it was supposed to be the place where everything finally came together. But her years of experience in the world and business of self-help didn’t save her from finding it a very difficult adjustment. Something about this transition required her to dig deep and devise strategies to help her create the kind of life she wanted to get out of bed for.

Full of hard-won tips and wisdom, At Home Anywhere is part memoir, part loving letter full of advice on how to lead a more joyful and worthwhile life for those who suddenly find themselves uprooted.


Pages: 201

Size: 152 x 229 mm

ISBN: 9789948364665

Published: November 2019

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