Tackled! is a conceptual, practical guide to working with girls, boys, women and men in creating safe and healthy discourse around the deconstruction of harmful gender barriers. When Jos Dirkx founded the NGO Girls & Football SA in Cape Town, South Africa, the goal was to provide a safe space for girls. Football was the chosen tool. Soon, however, she realised that boys and young men were lacking safe spaces too. Jos sought to begin including boys and young men in the gender conversation through surveys and key informant interviews with a target group of boys aged 10 to 21.

Jos Dirkx is an award-winning media and communications advisor, international public speaker, creative strategist and world-traveller. Jos is passionate about telling stories that change the world. She has launched a number of organisations, initiatives and movements to challenge inequality, to increase global access to accurate education and to drive diversity and inclusion.


Size: 6.5x8.5in

Published: Aug 2017

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