'Mother and baby are doing very well.'

'Blissfully happy.'

'You must be thrilled.'

But what if this isn't always the case? What if, amidst the congratulations cards and presents everyone keeps sending, you're actually constantly overwhelmed and anxious? What if you're beating yourself up for not being as happy as you think new moms should be?

It's OK. Motherhood is like the hardest exam in the world, and you haven't even been allowed to prepare for it. You're going to have feelings of elation, but also feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and guilt.

This book is a friendly, fuss free and compassionate guide for the moments when you're tearing your hair out and wondering if you're all alone. You're not. All parents struggle at some point - including the author. There is no right way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.

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