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At The Dreamwork Collective, we understand that creative people work in all sorts of different ways. Some writers come to us with their idea fully formed, the book mostly written. Others just have a few ideas they feel shy about articulating, but they know that there is a book inside them somewhere.

We offer a range of different coaching options to meet you exactly where you are, and to help you take your writing to the next level.

Have you already put pen to paper, got some writing done, but aren’t sure where to go from here? Do you want to hone your craft and improve your writing skills? Here’s your chance to get expert feedback and constructive criticism on your work.

Send your sample text (between 3,000 and 10,000 words) and then have a one-on-one 90 minute feedback session with one of our editors. You’ll learn what the key strengths of your writing are and how to further develop them, what makes your voice unique, and how to improve any areas that are holding you back – from punctuation to character development. One month later, submit your revised work, and then have another 60 minute feedback session where we discuss your progress.

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